And Then Time Passes

Life is like riding a bicycle, you must keep moving forward.

Albert Einstein

Einstein’s Happiest Moment

By Richard M. Berlin
Einstein’s happiest moment
occurred when he realized
a falling man falling
beside a falling apple
could also be described
as an apple and a man at rest
while the world falls around them.
And my happiest moment
occurred when I realized
you were falling for me,
right down to the core, and the rest,
relatively speaking, has flown past
faster than the speed of light.

Einstein’s Divorce

by T. A. Fry

No one can disprove Einstein’s theory of special relativity,
theoretical physics requires trust, as do all physical relationships.

E = mc2 equals;
Energy = married couple2
Energy = married* (Me and You, which together raises us to the power of two)
The gravity and electromagnetism of our attraction, distorting our time and space continuum.

The eloquence of this theory can be better understood, through a series of calculations, proving the universal theory of love, for all who confuse momentum with energy.

Energy = married* Me*You
Energy/Me = Married* You
Job(Energy/me) = Job(Married*You)
Job(energy/me)/(mortgage)=Job(Married*You)/(Monthly Bills)
Since mortgage and monthly bills are equivalent.

(Job(Energy/me)/(mortgage)) + Child A= (((Job/Child care Bills)*(Married*You))/(Monthly Bills)) + Child A

Then it happens:

(Job(Energy/me)/(mortgage) + Child A = Momentum

Which allows us to rewrite it following child 2 as:

(Momentum) + (Child A2 + Child B2/Childcare Bills) = (((Job/Child Care Bills) * (Married*You) + (Child A2+ Child B2),

Because everyone knows having a second child changes the stress level to a new logarithmic scale.

(Job/Child Care Bills) = 1, Which allows us to rewrite as:

(Momentum) + (Child A2 + Child B2) = (Married*You)+ (Child A2+ Child B2)

And then time passes. 
Time is measured differently when the black hole of middle age sucks in the light. The theorem can now be re-written as:

(((Momentum) + ((Child A2 graduates and moves out = 0))+ (Child B2*Tuition))) / extended family drama = (Married*You)+(Child A2 Graduates and moves out = 0) + (Child B2 * Tuition))/ extended family drama

Which can be rewritten as:

(((Momentum) + (Child B2 *college tuition))/Squabble over inheritance = ((Married*You)+ (Child B2*college tuition)/feud over family cabin.

With momentum declining, the equation in a few years can be rewritten again:

((Job(Energy/me)/(mortgage))/college tuition2 * (Being laid off)) = ((Married*You)/college tuition2 )) * (Health scare)

(((Job/me=1)*(Energy)/(mortgage)/college tuition2 /(knee replacement + Type II Diabetes)) =  ((Married*You)/college tuition2)/(Fibromyalgia + Menopause).

Dividing resentment and weight gain on both sides of the equation derives the following:

Energy/debts = Married*You
(Energy/debts)/Married) = You

Which can be rewritten as:
Divorce Lawyer + (Energy/debts)/Married) = You+ Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer +(Energy/debts *Married)= 0

which equals:

0 = You + Divorce Lawyer


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